Wow, 30 + degrees, this is when we all wish that we had bought the air conditioner when it was on sale in May. Note to self buy in January if you can find one.

The same applies to Real Estate it’s a hot market now, one of the best Junes ever for sales and July is going to be the same. Should have bought in April when sellers were a little desperate.

There are still some deals out there but not many.

Again don’t rely on finding them your self get a Realtor to do the looking. They should be able to plug you into the MLS computer and you will get the listing e mailed to you normally before the listing ever appears on Realtor .ca.

Again don’t rely on realtors sites as if they are not in their  Virtual office (adirect link to MLS computers)section the odds are that they are sold, I still find listings stated as active even when they have been sold a year or more.

Find a good Realtor and put them to work there are lots of us out there just waiting to help you.



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