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Long been the butt of many jokes the Central City area of N Surrey is changing rapidly, now touted to the  next “False Creek”. Right now 5 high rise, (24 story +) and at least 9, 4 story or townhouse projects are under construction.  

Another 3 high-rises’ have been approved and now the application to build a new complex by Gateway Station.  A 21 story, 9 story and 3 story office buildings plus 2 more high rise apartment buildings.

This will give the area a much needed boost in available office space and create living spaces close to the offices no commuting needed here. Over the next few years we should see in excess of 3,000 living units created in the area. Oh yes and the new recreation center to be built by Gateway as well.

If you have not been around there for a while its worth a quick trip you will be surprised. The area still needs to be cleaned up a little more but give it 5 years and people will be clamoring to live there.


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